ecoMelting - sustainable casting

By the year 2045, Fritz Winter is implementing a roadmap that will make us a CO2-neutral foundry through numerous sustainable measures.

Decarbonization with ecoMelting

Our ecoMelting goals
CO2 neutrality

By 2045, our foundry sites will have Co2-neutral production.

Green power

We use sustainably generated electricity as a basis and optimize our processes for lower energy consumption.

Utilization of waste heat

We heat our buildings and our process water with the waste heat from our processes.

Use of hydrogen

We replace fossil fuels with sustainably produced hydrogen.

More sustainable processes

The sustainable eco solutions processes are even more efficient thanks to our development.

100 percent recycled material

Our products continue to be made from 100 percent recycled material.

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Richard Pausch

Executive Director Global Sales and Marketing

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Thomas von Reth

Head of technical acquisition and product development

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